Other Services

Sometimes, only one solution will do. If you get into a bind, make Security Bindery your first call. Because our capability is diverse, we can say yes to that one off project. From the spectacular to the simple, your business can depend on Security Bindery to produce highly-specialized finish solutions.

Our operating line includes:

o Polar Cutter 54 wide and 57 deep

o Polar Cutter 54 wide and 57 with jogging table and off loader

o Automated paper banding machines

o Shanklin shrink-wrapping machine

o Challenge 5 head paper drill

o Pafra and HHS gluing systems

o ZM 400 Label Making Printer

o Kirk Rudy wafer sealer

Alt TextDrilling:

Security Bindery offers one and three hole inline and offline drilling. This is a finishing procedure that uses a drill bit to cut holes. A standard 3-hole drill is the most common request, which is 3 holes on the side, but any pattern is possible. Drilled hole sizes range from 3/16″ to 3/8″ diameter.

Our inline drill hole sizes are:

  • 1/8″ – one hole (calendar)
  • 1/4″ or 5/16″ – three hole


Shrink Wrap and Bundling ImageShrink-wrapping
is a frequently utilized bindery and finishing service. Whether you want to protect the quality of your printed product during shipping or to simply keep sets of materials organized, we can surround printed products with durable plastic packaging on one of our automatic shrink-wrap machines.

Shrink-wrapping is ideal for promotional product bundling where multiple items are presented at retail and other locations in an appealing, tamper-resistant manner. We stock a wide variety of different types of shrink film to assure each job gets up and running without delay.

Benefits of shrink wrapping:

·Provides a high gloss, protective finish

·We stock the highest-grade shrink wrapfilms available

·Positioned in-line for rapid commercialprinting turnaround

alternate textLoop Stitching:

Also similar to saddle stitching, this process uses looped stitches to bind the book. For that reason, loop stitching is ideal for including booklets into ring binder applications. Like saddle stitching, loop stitching is compatible with products that include multiple stocks and have a wide range of final trim sizes.